Monday, October 6, 2008

Thoughts on what you could call a bad week

I can't begin to imagine what I should write. I think I always wanted to start a blog to reflect on comical things and topics in life, however, I feel that these entries may be serious and melancholic for a while. I don't even have time to write these, yet I feel a need to express myself....and for some reason publicly and on a keyboard seems much easier and not as serious. I can't take serious right now. Everything in my life is serious. Thus I have come to the conclusion that my desire for public journaling and my current state could only mean that apart from my male genitalia, I am all female.

Honestly, raised by two females and born uncut....this must be giving me the desire to pour my feelings onto this adulturous website. I guess I will start with this past week.

It all started with a bullshit visit from my principal. What's interesting is when an administrator interupts your class to inform you of a phonecall, it only means one thing: bad news. Unless, that is, its a cop calling me asking me why I hit Johnny. "Because he won't shut his frickn mouth in class." I think administrators should come in, interupt the greatest lesson you were ever giving, then right as your about to break down, give you a doughnut wrapped in two paper towels. But only maple bars...because they are universal. And on special occasions bavarian cream, but only because there tasty and sound dirty.

We need to fix this "bearer of bad news" issue. Maybe he could just come in, put his hand on your shoulder, start to cry, then look into your eyes, and say "just kidding." I don't think the teacher would appreciate it at first, but later they might. That way, when you see your boss, you don't know what to expect. You might get a prize or your life could turn to shit, like mine did...

Thats it for now...